Labayamesa & Flordecuba


What you can expect from us

We will always help you select the most suitable puppy for. You will get a healthy, well bred puppy from Champion lines, that has been given the best possible start in life, and that has the capacity to make a fabulous family pet. The parents would have been health tested beyond the basic requirements of the UK Breed Club.

Puppies would have had their first vaccinations by the time they move in with you (both jabs if leaving us at 10 weeks or later), and you will receive advice on the vaccination and worming schedule. The puppy will be microchipped (if leaving us at 10 weeks or later), wormed, and health checked by our veterinary surgeon. We advise that you take your puppy for a check at your own Vet's within 7 days of the puppy moving to your home.

The puppy will come to you with a generous starter pack of essentials, such as grooming essentials, bed, food, toy and blanket, to name just a few.

Any puppy we sell comes with lifelong support - we will always be available to talk to and offer advice if required. There may be a possibility to board your LaBayamesa puppy with us, free of charge, for holidays etc, subject to availability.

We want our puppies to have happy family homes, and we want YOU to have a lot of joy with your LaBayamesa puppy, and hopefully long, healthy years together.

If you would like to receive a puppy application form, please send us a message:

We take particular care in selecting homes for our puppies. If you think you could offer an excellent family home to a LaBayamesa puppy, we will ask you to kindly complete the puppy application form with as much detail as possible. This questionnaire may seem rather detailed and intrusive, but it is of paramount importance to us that

a) our puppies go to the best possible homes and

b) that we are able to match a puppy to your and your family's requirements and life style, to ensure a 'good fit' and lifelong satisfaction.

Once we have received your application, we then make a decision about whether or not one of our puppies would be suited to your life style and circumstances. If that is the case, you will be invited to visit and see our dogs  and puppies. After the initial visit, if both parties are happy, we may request that you accept a home visit, and that we are permitted to obtain references from your usual veterinary surgeon, or from other referees you may have provided in your application form.

Please note: We will only place puppies as companion animals in pet homes- we do not sell puppies for breeding.  The puppy's registration will be endorsed to that effect by the Kennel Club.

How We place our puppies 

What we expect from you

We hope that ALL our puppy buyers will be happy with their puppy, and we will provide all the support we can to enable this. However, you need to recognise that owning a dog is a commitment not dissimilar to that of having a child THAT WILL FOREVER BE TWO YEARS OLD, in terms of the care it will require, and you will have a lifelong duty of care to your LaBayamesa puppy.

Are you really ready for this? You may be a seasoned dog owner, of course, but even then you should give it some thought. You need to consider that you need to provide, now and in future, a suitable environment for the puppy to live in, and to offer appropriate care and attention. Please be as sure as you can that you are in the position to provide for the puppy, having to return a puppy is heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Take into account the following:

-indoor housing WITH the family- Havanese do very badly in kennels, they are NOT outside dogs, they crave human company

-feeding healthy, premium quality food that is species appropriate

-daily exercise, attention and stimulation

-appropriate training to ensure your puppy knows how to behave at home and in public

-patience and kindness to the puppy/dog, using POSITIVE training methods only

-being realistic as to what can be achieved- house training, for example, can take several MONTHS to achieve. You must not become inpatient or scold your puppy.

-daily grooming and coat care

-health care, including regular vet checks and recommended vaccinations, flea and worming treatments as appropriate, and , of course spaying/neutering

-keeping your puppy safe, both in the home, garden and in public, just like you would a two year old toddler- this includes appropriate restraints in the car (car seat, crate or harness)

- NEVER leaving your puppy/dog in the car in warm weather; preferably never leaving your puppy/dog alone in the car in ANY weather. We don't.

-NEVER feeding your puppy harmful or toxic and potentially lethal foods, such as raisins or products containing raisins, macadamia nuts/cookies etc, chocolate, avocado etc. You must supervise and instruct any children in your household (and/or visitors) to refrain from administering toxic foods to the puppy.

We would encourage you to contact us if there are any problems AT ALL, regardless how small; we are very happy to advise on any aspect of your life with your LaBayamesa puppy/dog- if we don't know the answer we will be able to direct you to appropriate resources.