Labayamesa & Flordecuba


by Angela Harburn

Through Champdogs, I discovered Andrea and her advert for a 'loving family home' for one of her beautiful Havanese girls.  I wrote at length to her explaining who we were and why we felt we might qualify as potential parents for a precious pup.  Much correspondence followed, and we were eventually invited down to meet the 'Summer of Love' litter. 
The rest, as the cliché goes, is history, and we are now the proud owners of a little piece of heaven – our gorgeous girl, Lucy Harburn.  You can read more about her on any one of her social media pages or on her blog!

 We had made the decision before we brought Lucy into our lives that if we did have another dog, there would be no 'home alone' time for him or her.  We feel that our companion should be part of everything we do as a couple and as a family.  With this as our philosophy Lucy has experienced a great deal in her eight months of life!  She has attended parties with family and friends, Christmas events at Beamish Museum, Goth weekends at Whitby (and 'yes' she does have her own outfits!), Steam and Vintage Rallies and even a family funeral.  She is loved by everyone she meets and loves everyone!

Don't get a Havanese puppy if you are expecting a lap dog that needs no exercise or entertainment – Lucy loves cuddle time, but she also adores to run, chase, play, fetch, jump, chew, catch and then run some more – check out our videos if you are unsure just how much 'Joie de vivre' this little lady has!

Havanese dogs don't shed, but – you must be prepared to groom, EVERY DAY – knots can appear overnight, in the twinkling of an eye!  Caring for their coat is a work of art and puppies do not always enjoy grooming straight away! It takes time to build up trust and confidence between you both and lots of love and patience.

 So, if you think a Havanese is the right breed for you then you are ready for the most extraordinary canine companion you could ever hope for!

 We can never thank Labayamesa Havanese, enough – Andrea is an owner/breeder with impeccable ethics, a devotion to her pet dogs and a passion for the Havanese breed which is second to none.

Since the age of three years I have always shared my life with a dog ! Vicky was my first girl, a beautiful mongrel adopted from Battersea dogs home, she moved with us from London to the North East and was a huge part of my childhood.

 There have been other wonderful dog companions throughout the years, both large and small – so much love, many wonderful memories.  All good things do seem to come to an end though and when Tigger (our 17 year old cocker spaniel) died - we said NO MORE DOGS!  It was such a distressing time we decided we could never go through it again......

 Never say 'Never' though! A year later I was missing a canine companion so much I began searching ….

 I knew what I was looking for, a sweet and gentle temperament was key – we have rescue cats and poultry, some elderly, so their well-being was paramount; sound health and longevity; small, but not delicate;  affectionate/cuddly but a 'proper dog' that loves walking too.  Much internet research later I arrived at my perfect partner – the Havanese!

 The next step was to find the right puppy.  Too easy to be drawn in by all those adverts you see online - it really is not the way to go and can end in heartbreak!  The only way to ensure you find a happy, healthy baby bred by owners who love and care deeply for the welfare of their dogs and the breed is to find your puppy through either the Kennel Club Website, Champdogs or from a breeder that you know personally, or is recommended by someone you know and trust.


Life With Lucy