Where to buy your tools- Grooming links

​You can purchase grooming supplies online from a number of general outlets, such as Amazon, or from specific pet and grooming supplies retailers. There will also be vendor stalls at most larger open shows, and most Championship shows.

The following are some of the sources we have used in the past:

Petcetera                                            http://www.petcetera.co.uk/grooming-preparations-and-tools.html


Hub International                               http://www.hubintsecured.co.uk/acatalog/P_index.html


Christies                                             http://www.christiesdirect.com/

Serafina                                              http://www.serafina.uk.com/?grooming,26

Books on Grooming

We recommend one of the following books on grooming- both are excellent for Havanese owners:

Grooming Tools 


​Labayamesa Havanese

You will get a basic set of grooming tools in your Labayamesa Puppy Pack, but in principle you will need: