• Flordecuba Mariposa
  • Flordecuba Jacinto
  • Flordecuba Caliz
  • ​Flordecuba Solandra

Sire: Adorele Fantastic Mr Fox

Dam: Ch Georgie Girl By Labayamesa

We love all our puppies. But this litter was particularly exciting to us. This was a BetterBred litter.

Many breeds suffer from loss of genetic diversity, due to inbreeding and close linebreeding.

Loss of genetic diversity leads to multiple health and vitality problems, so it is always best to use breeding strategies to maximise and preserve existing diversity in the breed. 

BetterBred is a program with a set of tools for breeders that allows us to do just that- maximise diversity. Dogs have DNA samples taken and these are analysed for each dog's individual genetic diversity at the UC Davis Genetics Lab.
​Different pairings can then be analysed and the resulting likely diversity in the litter calculated.

We used the BetterBred program to finalise our litter plans, and to test that the boyfriend we chose for Georgie complements her in more ways than one, including his genetic diversity profile. Here isFox and Georgie's litter summary.

We are very happy with the result.......the puppies are absolutely gorgeous and we can't wait to see them develop.

Labayamesa & Flordecuba


The Flor De Cuba gang


Flor De Cuba- the BetterBred Litter