Labayamesa & Flordecuba


Home cooking doesn't mean feeding your dog table scraps or 'human' meals spiced for human tastes and needs. This would NOT meet the nutritional requirements of an adult dog, let alone a developing puppy.

However, you can adapt what you are cooking to suit your puppy's needs.

Lily's Kitchen have a home cooking recipe book for dogs, which will help you strike the right balance of nutrients.

Do you want to try home cooking for your puppy/dog?

That will largely depend on the food you choose and its calorie density. But there are other important factors, too, such as age, size, condition and activity level of your dog.

Most foods  will come with a 'dosage' guide.

​Additionally, you will receive a supply of the puppy's usual food to take away with you, and feeding instructions will be included in the puppy pack.

How much should i feed my puppy/dog?

This table contains the brand names of dog foods that we consider to be of high quality, based on ingredients and composition.

​Most of the dry foods listed have a small breed variety, with smaller size kibble, which is appropriate for Havanese.

Please bear in mind that things change, even 'good' foods may have recalls, new foods are introduced, recipes can change etc.

This table is only a rough guide, and the lists are by no means exclusive.

The truth is, there is no 'one size fits all'. Some dogs will do well on particular foods, whereas others won't.

You need to decide whether you will feed dry, wet or raw food, or a combination. You can even decide to feed a home cooked diet, as one of our LaBayamese puppy owners does!

You will need to do your home work, and decide on what choices you will make on behalf of your dog.

So what should I feed my Havanese?

Visit the 'allaboutdogfood' website for information on how to interpret dog food labelling.

There is also a rating section, where different foods are awarded stars based on quality and composition.

Food is one of the most important things in a dog's life. As responsible owners, we want to provide the best possible nutrition for our puppy and dog, but the information out there is very confusing and the advice provided is often conflicting.

There are hundreds of branded puppy and dog foods out there, and it becomes very confusing as to which food to choose.

Sadly, many foods are poor quality; even some leading brand premium foods are full of grains, corn, rendered meat products and fillers.  It is very important to read the labels.

feeding your havanese