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We must emphasise that you should NOT over exercise your puppy at a young age. All too often new owners get very enthused when the puppy is finally allowed out after the course of vaccination is complete, and the next thing we hear is that the puppy has been on a two hour walk.
This is detrimental to the puppy's musculoskeletal development, and dogs that have been over walked as puppies may be at a higher risk of developing joint problems.

The rough guide for walks is 5 minutes per months of age per day. So a 4 months old puppy should not be walked for more than 20 minutes per day on a regular basis. You can still go out for the afternoon with your puppy, of course. But take a stroller, a sling or a rucksack and carry the puppy for some of the time.

The Havanese may be a companion breed, but it is an active and agile little dog that loves to join in all sorts of activities.

The activities you might wish to do with your Havanese are quite varied.  We do recommend that you take some basic obedience classes, even if you are a more experienced dog owner, as these are beneficial on many levels, and offer the puppy a chance to socialise with other dogs. You may find that it is a useful activity, and progress through different levels of obedience courses.

Agility is another fun and enjoyable activity. There  are some puppy level agility classes in many areas, that are age appropriate (no jumps etc), but usually agility is an activity suited to dogs that have reached maturity in terms of growth and development. You can do it purely for fun, or for fun and competition.

Or you may enjoy taking your Havanese to fun shows, or conformation shows. There is good information on activities with your dog on the Kennel Club website.

You can also visit Mimosa Havanese, where you can find a lot of information on activities for Havanese and their owners:

Activities with your Havanese