Labayamesa & Flordecuba


Flordecuba Havanese is our alternate Kennel Name, which we hold in partnership with Berrywood Showdogs.

Olive and Olivia of Berrywood Showdogs co-own a number of our dogs with us, and train, prepare and handle them an national and international shows, in the UK, Ireland and the Rest Of The World!

We chose the kennel name after the litter theme for our first joint litter, the Flor De Cuba litter.

We are hoping that this wonderful partnership, with like-minded friends who love dogs, will continue to flourish and support many more of our beautiful Havanese to the success they deserve.


Flordecuba Havanese


Labayamesa Havanese

At Labayamesa Havanese, we are passionate about this lovely breed. As a member of both the Havanese Club of Great Britain and the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme, we continually expand out knowledge and keep up with latest developments, particularly in breed health and genetics. 

Our fully health tested Havanese are first and foremost our family members, and our lives revolve around them.  They live with us in our home, and are used to being pretty spoilt.

We are not commercial breeders; when we DO decide to breed a litter, it is because we are confident that the parents have a lot to offer towards the improvement and development of the breed as a whole, and because we have the need (or desire) for another show quality puppy to add to our own motley crew. We will always value quality above quantity.

We got our very first Havanese as a companion. Our sweet Lulu turned out to be so adorable that we couldn't resist getting her a little friend, Coco.

Coco turned out to be rather fabulous, and we found ourselves embarking on a show career! 

By then, we were absolutely besotted with this wonderful breed, and felt that our dogs had great potential to contribute to the genetic pool.  To expand our knowledge base further, we  immersed ourselves in research and fact finding about the breed, health and breeding, under the mentorship of Coco's breeder, Jill Richards of Chazard Havanese. 

Two years later, we spotted a dashing male puppy in Germany. It was love at first sight, and Caballero moved from Germany to the East Midlands, UK.